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Twist™ world

The smart solution for low selling exercises

Innovation meets tradition

Twist™ Coffee System is the result of the experience of three young managers with long experience in compatible capsule systems who decided to design an outstanding capsule for Horeca service.


Twist™ capsule is vortex shaped to assure the best result in cup and represents a clever solution for all hotels, pastry & bakery shops, restaurants, communities and catering service.


Twist™ Coffee System protects roaster’s business thanks to its closed system different from any standard already existing on the market.<br />


Thanks to its technology, Twist™ is a self-protected capsule that grants a complete barrier to the oxygen in order to assure all the freshness and aroma of the coffee.


Twist™ Coffee System is a flexible capsule that works both on traditional bar machines (with the dedicated dedicated portafilter) and on dedicated professional machines.<br />

Twist™. The capsule.

One capsule fits all: Twist™ coffee system is the ideal solution for espresso, american coffee, instant beverages, teas and herbal teas.